Just about ANYTHING with your name imprinted!

It's been said ... "the way to succeed is to find a need and fill it."  We've been doing that for our customers since 1966!

We keep expanding areas of coverage, product sources and services for our customers ... Automotive dealers supplies, banks, credit unions, city, county, government, state, and just about every industry! We help cut our customers promotional spending budgets drastically.

To help our customers promote their business, we provide website services for clients.

And the list goes on ...If you do not see what you need here, just call us.  We'll find it for you, and make the ordering process easy, prompt and professional!

Since the Pandemic has taken place, the scope of our suppliers has drastically changed.  It appears that 90% of our suppliers no longer furnish catalogs.  Previously, we were able to have a complete library of our suppliers product offerings .......... to the best of our ability, we are attempting to reconstruct this convenience, however it will take time to do so.

Let us provide you with items to promote your business ...

Imagine the possibilities! 

"Serving happy customers since 1966"

Just want to browse our website for some great ideas to promote your business?  Our suppliers have provided links to their online catalogs and the ideas are literally endless ... Grab a cup of coffee, click here -  Advertising Specialties Catalogs  - and enjoy the browse.  Find what you want, contact us, we do everything else and deliver your product to you!  We make it SO EASY!