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About Us

Multi Media Services Unlimited is a family owned business established in 1966.  

We endeavor to live up to the philosophy that … “a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” … Proverbs 22:1 KJV

It is our firm belief that nothing ever takes place of personal presentations, and we have used that method of marketing for over 40 years, but times change and we must change … so here we are on the internet, where we never thought we’d be!

Sales has always been my forte.  My first experience was during my childhood when I sold Christmas Cards door to door.  Later I sold newspaper subscriptions and both experiences proved to be invaluable.  I even demonstrated vacuum cleaners and sold Christian Books!  

Then I was introduced to business printing and worked as a representative for a large company.  I advanced into Advertising Specialties.  I discovered when orders were submitted, they were held up so a higher quota could be accumulated, resulting in higher profits for the marketers.  Since my reputation was at stake and I wasn’t in control of delivery dates … I needed to find a way to deal directly with the supplier and eliminate the middleman.  Eventually I accomplished that goal.  I began regular attendance at supplier table-top shows and subscribe to industry publications. We now have direct affiliations with over 4500 suppliers. 

There is not much that Multi Media Services Unlimited cannot do when it comes to imprinting.  In whatever facet of business I’ve been involved in, reputation speaks louder than anything else. 

Gerald L. Deeter

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